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SDI COVID-19 Handbook for MRO and Industrial PPE Supply Chains

The COVID related supply chain disruptions we experienced across the globe revealed significant weaknesses in the capacity of organizations to procure essential PPE and maintenance, repair and operations supplies to continue to operate safely. If nothing else, this pandemic has highlighted just how many organizations rely on off-shore suppliers or a single source for crucial parts, components and materials, particularly essential industrial PPE and MRO materials.

The Business Impact of Disrupted Supply Chains

The lack of industrial PPE and MRO is far-reaching. PPE and essential materials are now mission-critical, and the ability to get these essential supplies directly impact the enterprise beyond the health and safety of employees and families. From the risks to production and labor to the potential damage to your brand image, PPE and MRO are essential for risk management.

Planning for Future Success During Uncertain Times

The essential PPE Supply Chain is a critical component to execute plans for a COVID-safe environment. And it’s potentially the weakest link. In the SDI COVID-19 Handbook for MRO and industrial PPE Supply Chains, we leverage our 50 years of supply chain expertise against the immediate and long-term impacts on functional workstreams across the supply chain. This information helps organizations to think differently and align their PPE and MRO supply chains with their strategies to open and operate safely and effectively.
What’s inside:

  • An overview of the MRO/PPE market
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the MRO and industrial PPE supply chain
  • Lessons learned, emerging trends, and practical recommendations for mitigation at each functional workstream level within the MRO/PPE supply chain
  • An opportunity to receive a rapid-turnaround PPE Supply Chain Risk Assessment

SDI invites you to download your complimentary copy and reference it for the coming weeks and months.

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