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Order, Track, and Increase Productivity with ZEUS


SDI’s fully integrated MRO software and storeroom solutions transform your supply chain management task from the drudgery of monitoring costs and mitigating risks into a strategic platform that maximizes profits and maintains competitive advantage across core operational units.
ZEUS, our proprietary gateway to precision parts ordering, shipment tracking, invoice processing, and inventory control, is the driving force behind this powerful cross-functional tool. Software that has been engineered and built exclusively for the MRO industry, ZEUS and its supporting suite of intuitive applications provide fully integrated solutions for the most vexing MRO supply chain and inventory-management challenges:

MRO Software Solutions In Action

  • Find the precise parts that match your specifications from a custom catalog created exclusively for your needs and supplier punchout catalogs that are incorporated into the software, saving time and eliminating ordering errors.
  • Improve vendor communication and expedite orders through our automated vendor-invoicing interface that allows distributors to send invoices and acknowledge purchase orders so your order is processed and shipped more rapidly. With our automatic email status notification function, you will know the shipment’s status every step of the way from the vendor’s warehouse to yours.
  • Eliminate overstocks and streamline storage operations with our storeroom solutions. Starting with a comprehensive efficiency review, SDI’s experts will design and align ZEUS to coordinate e-procurement and purchasing with issuing, receiving, reconciliation, and other inventory transactions.
  • Integrate inventory management across warehouses and worksites with visibility across all sites to coordinate and aggregate ordering, predict runs on fast-moving items, and shift supplies to where they will be required. ZEUS MRO software is completely compatible with SDI’s mobile applications for accurate field-level stock management.
  • Analyze inventory trends and plan for changes in demand with ZEUS’ sortable, storable, reusable report templates for seamless retrieval and fingertip-accessible comparisons. The MRO software’s data dashboards make inventory at all facilities readily visible; managers can respond to needs in real time.

 In today’s competitive environment, every hour your production lines run smoothly, every dollar you can save through strategic purchasing and coordination, every efficiency you can claim through reporting and diagnostics, is an advantage that translates directly to your bottom line. Employing the leading MRO technology in the industry, SDI is your partner in aligning supply chain functions with core businesses operations throughout your enterprise. Our technology-based solutions and experience-based expertise delivers cost savings through efficient ordering and tracking, increases productivity by reducing maintenance and repair downtime, and puts you back in control of your manufacturing processes by increasing supply chain visibility, and optimizing inventory.
SDI helps you establish, track, manage, and take full advantage of these solutions by integrating your MRO needs enterprise-wide. ZEUS becomes your eyes and ears throughout your firm’s facilities and links you with critical supply sources 24/7.
Let SDI and our powerful ZEUS technology platform turn your company’s MRO supply chain and inventory function into a well-connected, well-informed, well-oiled machine.
Contact us today to learn more about ZEUS and our suite of proprietary MRO software solutions.

Success Story

It takes a progressive manager to push the organization to look at indirect spend and managing it in a different way - but once you see it, then you realize the opportunity.

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