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ZEUS – The Power of eProcurement Software

Thanks to game-changing technology built by SDI expressly for MRO and indirect spend, we make it possible for your MRO data to reveal your story – and pinpoint where it’s best to implement changes that drive efficiencies in supplier consolidation, cost reduction, and productivity improvements. The benefits of these facilities and MRO data services include:

  • Supplier reduction
  • Item consolidation & standardization
  • Buying guide creation
  • Market basket facilitation
  • Reduction of inventory
  • Increase in parts availability
  • Benchmark pricing and market intelligence
  • Speed-to-market
  • Effective WAVE plans

Take a Deeper Look at Your Spend

ZEUS allows you to drill down into original data and analyze your supply chain expenditures with a fine-tooth comb, granting you the ability to investigate root causes to issues, organization wide. Draw insights from your supply chain procurement data with metrics visible throughout the app, including:

  • Spend
  • Number of vendors
  • Number of PO’s
  • Average lines per PO
  • Number of sites
  • Distinct catalog items
  • And more!

Analyze specific categories of spend for your organization, including:           

  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Office supplies
  • Chemicals
  • Janitorial
  • Packaging
  • Or any other spend category!

ZEUS eProcurement software updates in real-time to understand the amount you’re spending and how it’s spread through your entire supply base.

Map out a Plan for Savings with SDI’s eProcurement App

SDI’s eProcurement software includes a supply chain map, which delivers easy-to-interpret visual insights into your plants’ interaction with the supply base, including:

  • Spend by vendor
  • Spend by plant
  • Pricing over time
  • Purchase history quantity, price and frequency
  • Specific item purchase analysis
  • And more!

With the ZEUS supply chain map feature you can focus on your operations as a whole, or a particular plant, visualizing all links in the supply chain to paint a clear, concise picture that identifies critical supplier and plant activity – and that’s supreme power over your data.
The ZEUS analytics app will help you benchmark your spend data to reveal the best opportunities for savings and process improvements. Its simple interface and powerful analytical capabilities will transform your companies’ ability to control spend and realize bottom-line growth opportunities. To learn more about SDI’s eProcurement software, contact our industry experts today.

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