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Let’s Talk Supply Chain Ep. 391: Gain Supreme Power Over Your Supply Chain, With SDI

In our recent feature on the Let’s Talk Supply Chain Podcast, SDI’s own John Delligatti takes the stage to unveil the transformative impact of data in the supply chain realm. As an integral part of SDI, John offers a deep dive into our mission and how our innovative solutions, particularly through the lens of SDI’s ZEUS technology, are revolutionizing the way our customers approach supply chain challenges.

The conversation extends to the crucial role of the ZEUS Supply Chain Analytics Guidebook in bridging the digital divide, offering organizations the tools to prioritize effectively, and laying the groundwork for enduring success in the digital age.

This episode is an essential listen for anyone engaged in the supply chain sector, offering practical insights into leveraging the ZEUS Supply Chain Analytics Guidebook for digital transformation, strategic priority setting, and the adoption of industry best practices.

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