The Digital Supply Chain Company

Unleashing the Power of Data in Supply Chain Management

Join John Delligatti, Director of Digital Supply Chain Transformation at SDI as he teams up with Jon Hansen, Founder and Chief Editor of Procurement Insights, for a game-changing discussion. They review SIG’s groundbreaking research, revealing the magic that happens when data meets supply chains.

Here’s what’s in store

  • The Real Impact of AI and Big Data on Procurement
  • The Power of Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management
  • The Importance of Comprehensive Spend Category Management
  • Unleashing the Potential of Data Availability in Supply Chain Management
  • Bridging Data Silos for Unified Business Operations
  • Achieving Business Resilience through Data Literacy

SIG Research: What is your Path to Data Understanding?

Discover the ultimate playbook for bridging the gap between the promise and success of data in digital transformations. In this comprehensive white paper, Sourcing Industry Group’s (SIG) Community of experts, solution providers, advisors, and consultants share their knowledge and strategies for achieving data-driven excellence. Download the white paper now to embark on your path to data understanding.

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