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Podcast-A Focus on Culture: Driving Innovation through Talent Acquisition

Hiring and Retaining The Best Talent

We like to think of ourselves as a 50 year-old start up. We’ve transformed MRO supply chain management from a cost of doing business to an enabler of great business. We are changing the game in our industry. This is because our team has an overwhelming drive to make things better by thinking differently, questioning conventional wisdom and constantly challenging the status quo.

SDI has developed a comprehensive talent management structure designed to help SDI employees grow their careers. It starts with our talent acquisition process and ensuring the right people join our team. Once they are hired, we don’t just sit them at a desk and see what they can do, we help them integrate and assimilate with a full onboarding program to build the foundational relationships for success. Our succession planning process means we’re forecasting the company’s talent needs and then providing the development to help our employees meet those needs through training programs, leadership education and career-pathing.

Our vision is to ensure a digital supply chain where clean, quality data is the foundation for success and predictive growth. By enabling our clients to become part of a supply chain ecosystem, we provide them with a collaborative learning environment and an entrepreneurial business partner with the latest thinking and emerging technology. Listen as our talent acquisition manager, Melanie Symms, talks to My Career Fit Podcast about SDI’s entrepreneurial, innovative, and empowered team.

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