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Let’s Talk Supply Chain Ep. 378: Achieve 360° Supply Chain Visibility for Greater Control and Optimization, with SDI

In a compelling episode of the Let’s Talk Supply Chain Podcast, Chris Ferregur shares his journey with SDI and offers profound insights into the evolving landscape of supply chains. This episode shines a light on the unique challenges and opportunities facing the industry, emphasizing SDI’s role in navigating these complex waters.

Key Takeaways from the Episode:

  • Tackling Supply Chain Challenges with Data and Innovation:
    • An in-depth look at the current supply chain challenges and SDI’s strategic approach to addressing these issues alongside their clients, highlighting the importance of high-quality data in crafting an organization’s narrative.
  • Strategic Evolution and Technological Solutions:
    • Insights into the evolution of inventory management strategies from just-in-time to just-in-case models post-pandemic, and the introduction of SDI’s ZEUS technology platform. This purpose-built supply chain management platform helps shift organizations from a reactive to a proactive approach, underpinned by SDI’s advanced data analytics that drive actionable insights, enhance visibility, and de-risk supply chains for significant cost savings.
  • Risk Management and Future-Proofing Supply Chains:
    • An exploration of SDI’s risk assessment services and their role in transforming supply chains. A compelling case study illustrates how SDI has successfully improved visibility, efficiency, and cost savings for one of the world’s largest retailers. This episode also embraces the ‘progress over perfection’ philosophy in integrating new technologies with legacy systems, providing a glimpse into the onboarding process and future innovations at SDI.

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