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About IPM Technology

Powered by the ZEUS Digital Supply Chain Management platform, your Integrated Parts Management program aligns and integrates with your Facilities Management (FM) strategy, enabling you to optimize the 20-30% of your annual FM budget that is often neglected.

Bridging Functional Silos for Complete Transparency

Too many organizations experience issues with master data ownership and updates. The process of tracking and updating material costs is cumbersome, redundant and time consuming.

On the back-end, extensive backlogs make it difficult to reconcile invoices back to procurement, while ensuring timely payment across thousands of FM parts vendors and MRO suppliers. Ultimately, the lack of visibility and real-time data severely impacts the relationship between procurement, planning and maintenance.

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Empowering mobile and field maintenance technicians with a full suite of parts management services IPM Technology includes:

System Integration

Because the IPM solution is purpose-built to meet your facility and asset performance goals, we build integrations into your existing computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), work order management systems (WOM), financial systems, and legacy enterprise resource platform (ERP) to bridge those functional silos and level up your FM parts/MRO supply chain game.

The move from custom code-based integrations to configuration-based integrations is a true game-changer. Compared to traditional EDI technology, ZEUS offers a fully integrated solution. When the system of record makes a decision (such as a change to master data or the creation of a purchase order), data is replicated across partner systems (back and forth). This comprehensive, near real-time replication of data ensures data integrity while providing users the confidence of knowing they are always seeing the right information.  For those organizations who are not on the current version of their CMMS and thus can’t support APIs, the supply chain integration process can apply a multitude of technologies ranging from cXML to EDI to Flat Files–ensuring consistency in planning, streamlining operations, and decrease in asset downtime. Read more about system integrations.

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Software Development

Our development teams work hand-in-hand with our customer success teams who communicate to client stakeholders and end users on a regular basis. That means, the feedback from the field gets integrated into app new releases, every six weeks. So the IPM supply chain technology continuously evolves with your needs and as the market and supply chain ecosystem evolves.  


The needs of your mobile maintenance teams and field technicians are different from the needs of your corporate procurement team. While the ZEUS eProcurement software ensures souring processes run effectively and enables procurement teams get more spend under control, the IPM mobile app extends beyond procurement teams to bring the full power of the FM supply chain to the field technician, regardless of location. The IPM mobile app empowers the technicians who actually use the parts and supplies to purchase the parts and supplies they need to get job done. Period.

Whether you’ve got seasoned maintenance technicians or onboarding new service providers, it’s all right in the app. Read more about our mobile maintenance procurement apps.

Inventory Management

Just as the needs of mobile maintenance and field technicians is different from a procurement perspective, the same holds true for managing inventory.
Smart inventory, purpose-built for a smarter FM strategy:

  • Complete inventory management functionality: receiving & put away, cycle counting, issuance/decrement of stock,and replenishment
  • Fully integrated with product catalog workflow
  • Location agnostic: central warehouse, truck stock remote lockers/cages, etc…
  • Real-time visibility: supported by robust analytics and reporting

IPM’s inventory management is designed with technicians out in the field in mind — so whether the parts needed are on the truck, at another facility, at a central distribution site, in a remote locker, or at the will-call window at a supplier retail counter – the mobile maintenance techs know exactly how to get what they need, when they need it most.

Optimized inventory is based on a dynamically responsive stochastic modeling system focused specifically on spare parts for accurate lead times, fill rate targets, and optimized SKU levels. Self-service for everything from everyday essentials to critical spares. Intuitive and Simple.  Read more about our intelligent inventory management systems and or learn about the value of truck stock.

API Development

API development and interoperability enablement allows for real-time data flow within the supply chain ecosystem. SDI’s team continually develops Application Program Interfaces (APIs) with category suppliers, providing IPM users with real-time pricing, lead-times, and status updates. Read more about SDI’s API development

SDI has also developed API connections with major shippers like UPS and FedEx that allow real-time delivery updates based on tracking information. enables order tracking right in the mobile app so technicians can better plan their work schedules and reduce the travel time.

Advanced Analytics

Field technicians enjoy the benefits of an actively managed supply base while delivering budget certainty to the enterprise. Working with SDI’s ZEUS Analytics, the complete platform provides real-time supply chain visibility that translates into critical real-world benefits. SDI’s Data Analysts walk our clients through their data, helping them break away from the tribal knowledge that is typically siloed by function across their enterprise, to reveal the story behind their data. ZEUS provides real-time insight into who has bought what, from which supplier, for which facilities, and against which commercial terms and order-to-pay process. 

This holistic view of the supply chain enables better, data-driven decision making, to pinpoint exactly where to implement changes that drive measurable improvements for each client’s specific KPIs. Read more about SDI’s Advanced Data Analytics.

To discuss more about how to improved visibility and control of your parts supply chain can help your Facilities Management strategy, contact us today.

The supply chain works best, when it all works together.