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Integrated Parts Management

About Integrated Parts Management

For any multi-site facilities management organization, the cost of FM parts and supplies can amount to between 20-30% of their total FM budget, but this is only part of the story. Inefficiencies in the parts & materials supply chain and buying process result in technicians spending anywhere from 25-40% of their “wrench time” driving to, shopping for, or in some other way waiting for parts – a huge chunk of the budget.

What is Integrated Parts Management?

IPM is an end-to-end, parts management program that aligns and integrates with your Facilities Management (FM) strategy, enabling you to address and optimize the 20-30% of your annual FM budget that is often neglected.

The connected digital supply chain approach to parts management:

  • Improves end-to-end data transparency and workflow visibility for improved control and predictability in demand
  • Improves maintenance productivity and wrench time by as much as 20%
  • Decreases total cost of ownership of the supply chain of parts and materials critical to maintaining revenue-generating assets, facilities, and plants by more than 10%

Both in-sourced and third-party technicians can now leverage the digital supply chain to locate and purchase FM parts and materials for both preventive and reactive maintenance.