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Tackling Maverick Spend in Procurement

Tackling Maverick Spend in Procurement

Discover Key Insights on Combating Maverick Spend

Maverick spend continues to be a significant challenge for procurement organizations, with 91% of leaders recognizing it as an issue. Our comprehensive guide offers practical advice on leveraging technology and strategies to reduce unauthorized expenditures and enhance procurement efficiency. including:

  • The Current State of Maverick Spend
    Understand the prevalence and impact of maverick spend across industries.
  • Software Effective Strategies to Reduce Maverick Spend
    Learn about data analytics, policy revisions, and employee training programs that can help curb unauthorized spending.
  • Technologies for Enhanced Spend Management
    Explore the latest tools, including eProcurement solutions and AI, to improve spend visibility and control.
  • The Role of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)
    Discover how joining a GPO can lead to cost savings and reduced maverick spend.

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