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Supplier agrees to include all pertinent information on invoices.  This shall include, but not be limited to: Supplier’s supplier number, Purchaser’s store number, store address, equipment being supplied or serviced (defined by model number and serial number), job number, purchase order number, or description of services performed.  Invoices must match the purchase order (if applicable) quantity and price.  Service Suppliers need to include a further breakdown of hours spent at the site, hours spent travelling, and parts supplied with price extensions.  Service Suppliers should provide a signed store completion report if applicable.  Supplier agrees that all invoices or Purchase Orders not complying will be returned to the Supplier.


As part of the Walmart CPOP program, we would like to re-point out the importance
of correctly labelling the packages so that your product is not lost at delivery:

1. Minimum Standard Shipping Label MUST include the following:

  • Attn: To (Technician Name)
  • Include: (PO Number)

2. To avoid material loss and unnecessary ongoing inquiries, please attach the Facilities Maintenance Label shown, which can be downloaded here.


Please follow the shipping requirements listed below:

  • All material should be shipped FedEx freight collect utilizing Walmart’s FedEx Account
  • Follow shipping instructions as listed on the Purchase Order
  • Ship all items FedEx Ground unless otherwise noted by the Technician
  • Contact buyer referenced on the PO for any shipping discrepancies
  • Shipments that have a similar type of Freight, LTL/FTL, will go to FedEx Freight


To ensure that freight charges are handled properly, all BOLs for Purchaser’s shipments must meet the following requirements:

The invoice must include:

  1. ​The weight of the shipment
  2. The Purchase Order number
  3. The store/club number on the first line of the “Ship To” area as follows:
  • Walmart or Sam’s Club
  •  Street Address
  •  City, State & Zip Code


In the absence of written contractual provisions to the contrary, Supplier agrees to bill Walmart upon completion of shipment and/or delivery.  Purchaser reserves the right to reject any bill sent prior to completion of shipment and/or delivery. Additionally, Purchaser reserves the right to reject any bill incorrectly invoiced.


Supplier agrees that if the Purchaser incorrectly pays an invoice that results in the Supplier having received funds not due, the Supplier will promptly notify Purchaser.  Purchaser, upon proper notification may determine if the amount owed to Purchaser will be deducted from the next remittance or if a check is needed from the Supplier to clear this amount.

If for any reason Supplier needs to send money to Purchaser, Supplier agrees to send all funds due to:

PO Box 502215
St. Louis, MO  63150-2215

Do not mail checks to the Home Office – Please attach documentation applicable to your payment to your check so that we may process it correctly.


Supplier agrees to provide Purchaser written notice of any assignment, factoring, or other transfer of its right to receive payments arising under this Agreement at least thirty (30) days prior to such assignment, factoring or other transfer taking legal effect.  Such written notice shall include the name and address of assignee/ transferee, date the assignment or transfer becomes effective, and terms of the assignment.  Said written notice shall be considered delivered upon receipt by the Purchaser.  Supplier shall be allowed to have only one assignment, factoring or transfer legally effective at any one point in time.  No multiple assignments, factorings or transfer by the Supplier shall be permitted.

Supplier releases and waives any right, claim or action against Purchaser for amounts due and owing under this Agreement where Supplier has not complied with the above notice requirements.  Such notice shall be mailed directly to Walmart Inc. c/o Manager, Accounts Payable, Real Estate Accounting, 2001 SE 10th Street, Bentonville, AR  72716-0550.


(A)  Purchaser may recoup, set-off, or debit against amounts that Purchaser owes to Supplier, or may require Supplier to pay or reimburse to Purchaser, any amounts that Supplier owes to Purchaser under this Agreement or otherwise.  Purchaser may charge interest on amounts that Supplier owes to Purchaser at the rate equal to the lower of 12% per annum or the highest rate permitted by law.  Orders constitute one continuous transaction, and Purchaser may exercise its right of recoupment at any time.

(B) Supplier shall promptly notify Purchaser if Supplier or any of its Affiliates intends, or learns that a Third Party intends, to file for bankruptcy relief as to Supplier or any of its Affiliates.  If any Person files for bankruptcy relief as to Supplier or any of its Affiliates, Supplier shall pay to Purchaser, or reimburse Purchaser for, all costs, fees, and expenses that Purchaser incurs as to the bankruptcy proceedings.