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FM Supplier Management

About FM Supplier Management

SDI’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) team provides holistic, ecosystem-wide visibility of your FM supply base’s capabilities and assets that impact your specific business strategy. We manage the relationship life cycle, including vetting and onboarding to maximize your program’s value. We develop mutually beneficial relationships with strategic supply partners to deliver greater levels of innovation and competition.

Through our supplier relationship management program, we deploy best practices to ensure superior supplier performance that creates real value for our clients.

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Drive compliance to existing contracts and leverage SDI’s 6000+ vetted suppliers, dynamic market, and aggregated buying power

Get data-driven recommendations for cost mitigation opportunities such as lower-cost substitutions, part & supplier standardization, warranty & compliance management

Control spend through purchase approval workflow built into the process and system

Supplier Onboarding

With IPM, the heavy lifting is done for you. The SDI team handles all supplier negotiations, sourcing, management, and performance to get more spend under contract. And the ZEUS Supplier Portal provides ease of onboarding, data management, and performance management. You benefit from immediate commitments to innovation and long-term continuous improvement, increased visibility and control of otherwise fragmented spend, and improved decision-making from advanced analytics. SDI’s team continually develops Application Program Interfaces (APIs) directly with suppliers, empowering IPM users with real-time pricing, lead-times, and status updates.
IPM Supplier Scorecard

Supplier Scorecards

Performance is much more than compliance. While establishing strong contract relationships and ensuring buyer and supplier compliance to those agreements
is one part of delivering value, vested supplier partnership deliver value through innovative and collaborative activities that focus on solving customer problems.

Supplier performance objectives and measurements focus on, and impact, the overall objectives of your business. Understanding the performance of your FM parts supplier ecosystem is crucial to planning maintenance schedules and allocating labor resources for work order completion. Metrics like on-time delivery, lead time accuracy, and price compliance provide real insight, create transparency to respond, help anticipate, and identify more opportunities.

To effectively negotiate the best product/service at the best price requires real-time insight into supply market dynamics. This knowledge comes from industry experience, research, and frequency in the market. SDI Contact us today to leverage over 50 years of MRO and FM Parts Supply Chain expertise.