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FM Source to Pay

About FM Source to Pay

SDI’s data-driven Source to Pay (S2P) Services allows greater visibility into each step of your FM parts process, getting more spend under contract through category expertise, and driving compliance to negotiated contracts through a center-led process that implements improvements to realize identified savings. As a result, supplier compliance (as well as control over cash) is optimized and invoice processing costs are minimized.

Requisition to Payment

After setting up a strategy for your catalog items, consumables, and critical spares, SDI utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technologies and proven methodology to manage and interpret electronic data. This allows us to streamline transaction processing with the supply base—passing the savings on to our clients. By communicating orders, acknowledgements, and deliveries to the supply network, our system ensures all purchase orders are delivered automatically and updated in a single repository to be easily viewed by our clients – no need to chase POs. Real-time alerts, in-app status updates ensure your maintenance technicians know exactly when to expect delivery.
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SDI works with you to design, build, and operate the fulfillment model that works best for your distribution needs – variable-destination work order fulfillment, fixed-destination milk runs, procure-to-drop ship models. We collaborate with your teams, for a deeper understanding of your supply chain to enable you with omnichannel fulfillment solutions like integrated supplier ordering assistance; local will-call pick up; and electronic pick-pack, routing and delivery systems — that provide real-time visibility into order and delivery status for enterprise-wide efficiency and control.

Client Support

The IPM Solution includes 24×7 technical services to assist with repair triage part selection. Customer support is available via a dedicated service line, email, or right in the IPM mobile app. Support issues connect directly within our ZEUS digital supply chain management system so issues are routed to the appropriate resource for fast resolution. Reporting on open issues, time-to-resolution, and issue status are also available.
IPM Client Support
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Order Management

In the typical ordering process for a store or field technician, the tech would identify the parts they need, relying on memory, and then head to the local supply house. If they couldn’t find what they needed, they’d start calling suppliers or searching the internet. Then they’d purchase it on an account or with a credit card or purchasing card (P-Card). This process meant additional lost repair time spent on-line at suppliers, on the phone or driving from location to location to find the needed parts, often not able to get them all locally which pushed job completion off until parts arrived anyway.

In an Integrated Parts Management program, the field techs use a single mobile app to order many of the common items they need. They use this same app to place non-catalog items as well. They can upload photos of the part, equipment name plates, etc for any items they need, all while standing right in front of the equipment on the job site.

Often the technicians, who have multiple open work orders at multiple facilities, have little to no visibility on which items have arrived at which site, without actually making a trip to the site to verify. SDI’s IPM program places that order tracking right in the mobile app so technicians can better plan their work schedules and reduce the travel time

Technician Support

SDI’s Integrated Parts Management solution offers a Technical Parts Support Team that is comprised of part-sourcing experts with trade experience and technical backgrounds, allowing for understanding of the equipment and systems associated with the facilities maintenance trades. This team communicates with the field, speaking their “language” and using their experience to help technicians solve the challenges they may be experiencing in locating parts for their work orders.

The Parts Team also helps to act as a translator to explain to non-technical groups how or why additional items may be needed, what an item is, or how it works. The Parts Team works to collect as much technical information (operator manuals, maintenance manuals, parts manuals, service bulletins, reference guide, spec sheets, training & service instructional videos, etc.) from various sources and place this information in a searchable access point available at the Tech’s finger tips directly from the mobile app.

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Engineering Document Management System

The ability to access bill of materials, quick reference guides, and manuals on the equipment they’re service right in the app saves a tremendous amount of time in going back to the truck or shop to locate a manual

Make better decisions

a data-driven, digital supply chain allows you the transparency across your entire supply chain ecosystem to respond more quickly to demand and better identify savings opportunities.

Get more spend under contract

deep breadth of MRO and FM parts category expertise and frequency in the market means you benefit from the market intelligence and specialization to get more spend under your control.

Drive compliance

beyond identifying opportunities for improvement, SDI’s supplier management drives compliance to negotiated pricing and service contracts so you REALIZE the savings and performance improvements that matter to you –and better direct spend towards the suppliers who align with your corporate social responsibility and environmental social governance goals.

To learn more about how SDI’s Integrated Parts Management solution becomes an extension of your supply chain to augment and enhance your operations, contact us today.