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9/30/2022 - How to Gain Better Inventory Visibility & Why It's Important
8/31/2022 - 5 Easy Ways to Improve Supplier Relationship Management
7/29/2022 - What is eProcurement and Why Your Company Should Care?
6/29/2022 - 10 Technologies Reshaping the Integrated Supply Chain Management Ecosystem
5/9/2022 - 5 Sectors That Will Benefit the Most From Mobile Procurement
3/29/2022 - How Our Mobile Procurement Tools Save Money & Extend Equipment Uptime
2/25/2022 - How Building Maintenance Will Transform Your Business
1/31/2022 - 3 Ways to Meet Maintenance Performance Goals for 2022
12/20/2021- How to Manage an Integrated Supply Chain
11/4/2021- The Importance of Mobile Procurement Technology
9/31/2021- 5 Reasons Multi-site FMs are Moving to a Single Spare Parts Management Platform
8/31/2021- Inside Connex 2021 National Conference
7/29/2021- MRO 2025: SDI's Guide To Digital Supply Chain
6/30/2021- 5 MRO Paint Points And How To Address Them
5/31/2021- Sourcing Efficiency Is Key To MRO Supply Chain Strategy
4/29/2021- 3 Ways To Minimize Supply Chain Disruptions
3/28/2021- Why a Connected Supply Chain is No Longer Optional
2/28/2021- Supply Chain Checkup - 4 Supply Chain KPI's That Can Help Manage Your Supply Network
1/28/2021- 5 Critical MRO Supply Chain Metrics You Should Be Tracking
12/28/2020- Digital Supply Chain Trends for 2021
11/30/2020- PPE Inventory Management Lessons from the Front Lines
10/28/2020- Creating an Efficient Maintenance Room Floor Plan
8/27/2020- Keeping Track of Your Industrial PPE
7/30/2020-  How to Avoid Scams and Uncertainty When Procuring Essential PPE
6/29/2020- Procuring Essential Personal Protective Equipment in Industry
5/26/2020- Securing a Continuous Supply of High-Demand PPE
4/30/2020- How to Manage a Digital Supply Chain After the Integration Process
3/31/2020- The Benefits of Conducting an MRO Data Audit

2/27/2020- Maintenance Storeroom Layout: Best Practices
1/31/2020- Supply Chain Management: Strategies That Deliver Results
12/20/2019- Robotic Process Automation in MRO
11/26/2019- The Digital Supply Chain Transformation in MRO
10/18/2019- Maximize Your Space and Efficiency With Stockroom Organization
9/27/2019- Equipment Bills of Materials: Best Practices for Optimal Results
8/8/2019- We Fed SDI’s MRO Analytics and Supply Chain Technology Our Fantasy Football Data: Here’s What We Learned
7/11/2019- 4 Things to Consider Before Starting a Stockroom Organization Project
6/17/2019- Making The Switch To Digital: Here's What You Can Expect During The Integration Process
5/10/2019- Digital Supply Chain Integration: Transform Your Operation Today!
4/10/2019- Predicting MRO Inventory Needs is Tough: How to Master It!
3/7/2019- Supply Chain Digitization is Here: Don't Get Left Behind
2/8/2019-  The Secret to Reducing Equipment Downtime and Worker Productivity
1/8/2019- Combine Big Data and Human Know-How to Optimize Your Ecommerce System
11/29/2018- Supply Chain Change Management Can Be Scary: How To Overcome It
10/30/2018- MRO Storeroom Management: Understanding the Big Picture
9/28/2018- MRO Storeroom Efficiency Extends Well Beyond Proper MRO Supply Storage
8/30/2018- Scheduled Maintenance vs. Reactive Maintenance. Which Method is Really Better?

7/26/2018- 4 Reasons to Partner with an MRO Service Provider
6/30/2018- Four Areas of Wasted Spend in MRO Procurement and How to Fix Them 
5/30/2018- 3 Quick-Win MRO Services That Create an Immediate Impact
4/29/2018- Uncover the Full Potential of Your Existing CMMS System
3/29/2018 - See How Actionable Data Leads to Better Decision Making
2/28/2018 - The Facilities Management Solutions Your Company Needs
1/31/2018 - See How Small MRO Projects Generate Major Improvements
12/29/2017 - It's an MRO New Year. What are Your 2018 MRO New Year's Resolutions?
11/31/2017 - Indirect Supply Chain Management is Changing; Are You?
10/30/2017 - Unlock Savings with Tail Spend Management
9/30/2017 - Inside the Game Changer: Configuration-Based Integrations, A Unique MRO Solution
7/31/2017 - Internet of Things Drives Supply Chain Innovation
6/30/2017 - SDI's Lean Six Sigma Principals Boosts Productivity
5/31/2017 - SDI Co-Hosts Innovation Symposium Focusing on Internet of Things & Manufacturing Digitalization
4/28/2017 - See Why Communication is Key to MRO Success
3/28/2017 - How to Identify Critical Spares
2/28/2017 - Strategizing Leads to Efficiency and Savings
1/17/2017 - The Top Three MRO Trends from 2016
12/20/2016 - OEE, Warranty & Repair Strategy and Tail Spend Management
11/22/2016 - Don't Let Transaction Processing Drain Your Company
10/26/2016 - Data Management: What It Means For Your Company
09/22/2016 - Is Your MRO Data Management Out of Control? Clean it up with SDI!
8/31/2016 - The 3 Types of MRO Maintence You Should Be Using
07/22/2016 - Clear Your Warehouse of SLOB Inventory 
06/24/2016 - Why Streamlining the MRO Ordering Process is a Necessity
05/26/2016 - Strategy Starts with Taking Control of Your MRO  
04/19/2016 - Reduce Risk & Liability with Strong MRO Services
03/28/2016 - Avoid the Chaos of Emergency Shutdowns with SDI

02/26/2016 - 3 MRO Mistake You Don't Know You Are Making

01/26/2016 - 5 Critical MRO Supply Chain Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Success Story

It takes a progressive manager to push the organization to look at indirect spend and managing it in a different way - but once you see it, then you realize the opportunity.

SDI at Work

Data standardization is part of Google’s new initiative to help people find relevant datasets.  With a recent study from Data Science Central, it’s estimated that data scientists spend 60% of their time preparing data for analysis, rather than performing the analysis itself.  Therefore, the goal of this schema is to drive standardization so that more time can be spent analyzing it.