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MRO Trouble

You know you're in MRO trouble when
  • Your storeroom is barcoded but your scanners are inoperable
  • Your skilled trades labor is being utilized for non-skilled tasks
  • Mission Critical Spares are managed with the same urgency as Janitorial
Download our MRO Trouble Survey below to answer all of these questions and more, and find out if you are in MRO Trouble.

Download our MRO Trouble PDF Survey

Success Story

Our former solution provider was not independent; they were a supplier of parts. It's not the best thing to have a supplier be your MRO outsourcing provider. With SDI, we have a truly independent sourcing agent looking after our best interests.

SDI at Work

Today's pace of change does not conform to yesterday's methods or business cultures. In this blog post, SDI explores the dynamics of internal colleagues as well as rapid changes in terms of market disruptions and technology advances. 

The project team has worked its way through Define, Measure, Analyze, and Improve. It’s time to begin the Control phase. The key stakeholders gather to evaluate the solution as implemented and create a plan to sustain the improvements. The goal is to standardize the improved processes, establish an audit schedule and schedule periodic follow-up to identify additional opportunities for improvement.