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SDI Partners with AutoCrib


SDI and AutoCrib have forged a partnership together that makes SDI the premier integrator partner for AutoCrib and AutoCrib the exclusive provider of POU equipment to SDI. This means that for the first time in the integrated supply industry you can choose leading edge technology to manage your POUs without compromising on price or the preferred manufactured goods  that your operations personnel insist upon. This new partnership is already under way and together SDI and AutoCrib have begun to deploy equipment resulting in unprecedented reduced total cost of ownership results for MRO supplies.

Since the equipment that AutoCrib offers is now integrated directly to the SDI system, InSite, this means that world class POU solutions can be implemented as part of an overall storeroom management solution without the need for multiple manual system inputs. SDI and AutoCrib are offering best in class RFID technology as well as POU equipment that is specifically designed for applications such as personal protective equipment (PPE), visual dispensing for aerospace and the pharmaceutical industry, loaner tool programs, cutting tools and abrasives, general industrial dispensing of all shapes and sizes including locker options and even basic coil operated machines with a touch screen interface.

In all cases the machines are interfaced directly to SDI systems eliminating the need for any guesswork and mistakes often caused by dual data entry. The program is completely scalable to a customer’s size and requirements and typically provides an ROI of six months or less. If you are a current customer and are interested in pursuing this exciting option to augment your current services please contact Chris Moore at Or if you would like to be an SDI customer and would like to learn more about this cutting edge technology offering please contact Sean Dorney at

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SDI is an MRO integrator and partner that really helps drive categorization and a best practice approach.

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The project team has worked its way through Define, Measure, Analyze, and Improve. It’s time to begin the Control phase. The key stakeholders gather to evaluate the solution as implemented and create a plan to sustain the improvements. The goal is to standardize the improved processes, establish an audit schedule and schedule periodic follow-up to identify additional opportunities for improvement.