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SDI, Inc. Announces Jim Owens as Senior Vice President of Business Development


Bristol, PA (PRWeb) – Jim joined SDI in April, 2014 as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Jim has over 20 years’ experience developing and commercializing innovative integrated service supply chain solutions for multi-site clients. He brings client-focused financial acumen and significant experience with integrated solutions offerings across multiple industries.

Although his work history is focused in commercial and industrial business development, his underlying motivation has had a consistent theme: an intuitive drive to apply innovative ideas and strategies to solving problems and creating opportunities. In each of his previous roles, he faced challenges similar to those of MRO; fragmented, under-resourced and non-standardized practices, for which he created and implemented successful centralized, strategic, value-driven solutions.

Most recently, Jim was VP of Strategic Markets at USM, EMCOR Group, Inc. (NYSE: EME) a Fortune 500 facilities management and mechanical and electrical construction, where he led the company’s integrated facilities management (I-FM) service and market development efforts. Prior to his tenure at USM, Jim was VP of Sales at IFCO Systems, NA, an international logistics and supply chain service provider. While at IFCO, Jim was instrumental in pioneering the company’s innovative single-source supply and reverse logistics services offering.

Andy Cvitanov, CEO of SDI stated “ Jim's intuitive thinking and commitment to delivering solutions not to just improve MRO, but to make it a strategic value driver, will make him an invaluable asset to our clients, and to SDI's leadership team.”

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