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Event Recap: SDI at ProcureCon Indirect East 2015

SDI, Inc. had the pleasure of attending and participating at this year’s ProcureCon Indirect East in Orlando from February 11th-13th.  The event brought together a unique blend of procurement, purchasing, and supply chain experts from a variety of different industries to share their experiences and knowledge with a group of people who truly embrace the strategically important area of procurement.

A highlight of the event included a panel discussion from SDI’s very own Director of Strategic Sourcing, Mr. Kurt Meiers, joined by Mr. Marc Ensign, Mr. Ernie Hernandez and Mr. Tuomas Vuoristo. The panel went over new strategies and best practices for tackling inefficiencies in MRO. Each member discussed their preferred methods of uncovering hidden savings, creating efficiencies and tools that can be utilized to obtain both. All four of these men did an excellent job shedding light on the matter and we are especially proud of the job Mr. Meiers did.

Kurt also led a presentation on pioneering innovations and how synchronizing the MRO supply chain can open a world of possibility for organizations. 

The video of Kurt’s presentation will be posted to the website shortly so keep an eye out for this on our video section. 


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