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Earlier this year, SDI joined ECCMA as part of the company’s commitment to ISO 8000 data quality and data portability. The ISO 8000 certification is the international standard for the exchange of quality data and information and is the guarantee that quality data can be efficiently and safely moved from one application to another.
SDI Master Data Manager, Chris Herner, recently achieved the ISO 8000 data quality certification to further enrich and enhance SDI’s MRO data management and master data services. The ISO 8000 certification, offered by the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA), utilizes known Master Data Management concepts to standardize and structure an international standard format for portable data.

The ISO 8000 certification means that SDI knows how to build quality data in an international standard format and that the data built is portable. Learn more about the power standardized and clean data can have on your company.

“With the certification, we know the steps, processes, and procedures not only for requesting, preparing, and building the compliant data, but for sending it and receiving it as well. It means we know what questions to ask and what characteristics to request to ensure we’re building and working with quality data,” said Herner about what the ISO 8000 certification means for SDI. “In addition, we understand the concept and structure of the international standard for formatting this data. We understand what makes the data portable, so the data is not tied to any one specific application. It gives us more integrity when analyzing incoming and outgoing data, not only for ourselves but for our clients as well.”

What ISO 8000 Means for Our Clients

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the shift towards digital manufacturing or Industry 4.0 requires a true digital supply chain. ISO 8000 plays an integral role in streamlining its adoption.

The digital supply chain will require all devices and systems to not only be integrated but also to speak a common data language so that information flows freely throughout. IIoT devices, acting as supply chain demand sensors attached to critical assets, will need to pass portable data back to SCADA, MES, CMMS, ERP, Procurement Systems (Coupa, Xeeva, etc…), and other ecommerce platforms. Industry 4.0 and the benefits of the Digital Supply Chain can’t be realized when data is:

  • Incomplete
  • Contains duplicate records
  • Has poor quality descriptions
  • Includes inaccurate information

Since the integrity of item master data helps SDI drive clarity, improve leverage, increase compliance and yield improved savings, SDI offers MRO Data Management services to improve completeness and accuracy, and to reveal hidden opportunities.

These discoveries have produced:

  • Increased savings
  • Inventory reductions
  • Re-engineering opportunities

Coordinated MRO Data Management efforts between Maintenance, Operations and Procurement results in reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable assets and throughput. Read more about the 7 Functions that Benefit from MRO Data Management.

SDI anticipates the ISO 8000 data quality certification organization-wide by early 2019. This includes implementing data quality standards changes not only within the Master Data Management department but company-wide as well.

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