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SDI Hosts MFG Day Event

Confirms its continued support of the manufacturing industry

BRISTOL, PA., Nov. 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SDI, North America’s leading supply chain management company focused on MRO, has announced its continued support of the manufacturing industry by hosting its first quarterly MFG Day event on November 20th at its US headquarters in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Manufacturing Day℠ is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Although Manufacturing Day officially occurs on the first Friday in October, any day can be a Manufacturing Day.

SDI believes that by focusing on Enterprise MRO, which encompasses a holistic view of managing the MRO supply chain from end to end, manufacturing operations will function more efficiently and cost effectively. Earlier this year, the company opened its Solution Center, a station-by-station demo experience, to expand the MRO conversation beyond just parts and procurement. The Solution Center will provide users with a quick sense of each link in the enterprise-wide MRO supply chain and how the entire business process supports moving towards planned maintenance and further reliability.

“What’s great about this center is it helps you understand all the different processes, how they’re tied together, how they impact one another – and the enterprise as a whole,” said Andy Cvitanov, President and CEO of SDI. 

SDI is the first to develop a true end-to-end supply chain management platform for MRO—the maintenance, repair and operations that enable production—that takes into consideration how MRO impacts the rest of the supply chain and the enterprise overall. The company will host an overview session beginning at 9:00am on Friday, November 20th with tours of their new Solution Center immediately following. Interested participants should register at the MFG day website.

About SDI 

By helping organizations understand how each link in their MRO supply chain impacts the entire enterprise, SDI helps them achieve year-over-year savings, enterprise-wide efficiencies and newfound control. Using a custom suite of products, services and tools, SDI’s platform coordinates, aligns and optimizes every step of the MRO indirect process. Lower costs, smarter inventories and increased performance are all natural results from a more connected MRO supply chain. To learn more visit today.

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