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Bristol, Pennsylvania and Chihuahua, Mexico, November 17, 2015 – Recently, SDI – North America’s leading supply chain management company focused on Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) – celebrated the 20-year anniversary of doing business in Mexico as, SDI de Mexico (SDM).

“There was a need for innovation in this very niche supply chain that brought us to Juarez 20 years ago,” said Cris Ferregur, GM of SDI de Mexico. “Our commitment is to help our clients grow by continuing to connect their MRO supply chains, with integrity and clarity of purpose.”

Ferregur attributes the company’s success in Mexico to the strong business culture, commitment to the clients’ businesses and a continual drive to create value. With a robust automotive and automotive components manufacturing client base, SDI de Mexico is committed to diversifying across Mexico, helping manufacturers in various markets leverage SDI’s process excellence, data transparency and systems control.

In addition to being able to leverage SDI’s strong strategic sourcing and centralized buying model, which helps eliminate the need for dual currency and dual language data entry, the company has customs brokerage partners strategically located along the US border to facilitate the importing of supplies into Mexico and to navigate the Mexican infrastructure.   

“Our clients put their trust in us, because we have the experience and cultural knowledge to work hand-in-hand with them, solving their toughest MRO supply chain problems across Mexico and bringing them new and innovative ideas,” said Ferregur. “We are looking forward to what value the next 20 years will help us create with our clients.”

SDI reports that doing business in Mexico for the past 20 years has provided manufacturers – with plants both in the U.S. and in Mexico – with greater visibility, added control and more flexible cross-border solutions.

About SDI

By helping organizations understand how each link in their MRO supply chain impacts the entire enterprise, SDI helps them achieve year-over-year savings, enterprise-wide efficiencies and newfound control. Using a custom suite of products, services and tools, SDI’s platform coordinates, aligns and optimizes every step of the MRO indirect process. Lower costs, smarter inventories and increased performance are all natural results from a more connected MRO supply chain. To learn more visit today.

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