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SDI Appoints Industry Veteran, Christopher Moore, as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Celebrating 45 Years in Maintenance, Repair and Operations, the company rolls out their new SupplyChain-as-a-Service offering.
January 25, 2016—Bristol, PA. SDI, the leading provider of SupplyChain-as-a-Service for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO), is celebrating 45 years in the industry. A pioneer in MRO Integrated Supply that has evolved over the years to an end-to-end platform, the Company recently announced the appointment of Christopher Moore to President and Chief Executive Officer as part of their commitment to deliver greater value to their clients.
Moore, who joined SDI in 2009, has had a progressive career with the Company, most recently as Executive Vice President of Operations, and has led initiatives such as the implementation of more than 70 new client sites, establishing the Company’s Engineering Services program and the development of SDI’s patented Best-in-Class Storeroom program.
The change in leadership, announced in conjunction with the Company’s 45th anniversary, comes as the Company rolls out its latest offering, SupplyChain-as-a-Service for MRO. The SupplyChain-as-a-Service offering allows clients to plug into any component of the MRO supply chain and begin realizing value immediately, while making the business case for big picture MRO. 
“We still believe strongly that the supply chain works best when it all works together,” said CEO, Chris Moore. “The As-a-Service offering represents a renewed focus on partnering with our clients and meeting their needs today while continuing to lead them towards the fully integrated, end-to-end business process that will deliver more reliable production, increased speed-to-value and improved simplicity for more agile and adaptable business operations.”
Based on recent research published by HfS Research, other market intelligence and feedback from clients and prospects, SDI rolled out their SupplyChain-as-a-Service offering which allows more clients to take advantage of the supply chain ecosystem the Company has built. This ecosystem gives clients access to innovative partners, emerging technologies, research and academia while addressing their current needs and realizing immediate value.
“We want to make the process so intuitive for our clients that they’re empowered to achieve the efficiency, productivity and reliability they need,” continued Moore. “I feel incredibly humbled, proud and privileged to lead SDI into this next chapter of our story. Together, connected with our clients, we can achieve great things.”
About SDI
By helping organizations understand how each link in their MRO supply chain impacts the entire enterprise, SDI helps them achieve year-over-year savings, enterprise-wide efficiencies and newfound control.
Using a custom suite of products, services and tools, SDI’s platform coordinates, aligns and optimizes every step of the MRO business process. Lower costs, smarter inventories and more reliable production are all natural results from a more connected MRO supply chain.
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