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SDI Announces Strategic Partnership With Contactless Fulfillment Innovator, BoxLock

Strengthening the Supply Chain Ecosystem and Mitigating Against Future Supply Chain

BRISTOL, PA. (PRNewswire) SDI, the leader in B2B digital supply chain services, with 50 years of specialized focus on essential maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) materials for manufacturing and facilities maintenance providers announced on December 14th, 2020, a strategic partnership with BoxLock, the industry leader in secure, unattended storage and delivery technology for homes and businesses. The partnership between these two growth-minded and innovative organizations is a response to market demand for contactless, fulfillment solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic, resulting supply chain disruption, and the increasing demand for track and trace to the point of delivery has served as an inflection point, accelerating the adoption of digital technologies and increasing the need for full supply chain transparency. SDI, who creates end-to-end turnkey solutions to manage the supply chain of essential PPE and MRO materials needed to keep customers safe and facilities operational, has complemented their solution offering by partnering with BoxLock.

With BoxLock’s innovative IoT supply chain access control platform, SDI customers will enjoy a fullyintegrated, traceable digital supply chain solution that extends visibility and control to the last yard, securing materials at the point of use. The combined solution eliminates the challenges related to lost or stolen items when delivering to unsecured receiving areas and is ideal for multi-site, maintenance-intensive organizations such as retailers, K12 and higher education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

“Even before COVID amplified the need for touchless transactions, customers wanted to ensure that their mission-critical spares, including PPE and other essential materials, were secured. They want to be able to track their materials from order to receipt and have the visibility and confidence that those materials are where they’re supposed to be. That’s what customers have grown to expect in the B2C world, and B2B organizations are quickly adapting and implementing automation and mobile solutions to meet that expectation,” said Ron Fijalkowski, Senior Vice President of Digital Supply Chain Solutions at SDI. “The partnership with BoxLock helps us provide that deeper customer experience that is simple, turn-key and delivers the mobility to meet the last yard challenges that schools and retailers in particular face.”

BoxLock’s inventory, access and security software solutions integrate into SDI’s cloud-based B2B technology platform, ZEUS, to help businesses make their supply chain more efficient, accountable and reliable at the critical point that assets are transferred.

“The contactless access control value proposition of BoxLock is applicable during the pandemic more than ever,” said Andrew Kelley, Chief Commercial Officer at BoxLock. “This partnership with SDI — as an extension of their ZEUS application — enables us to provide the B2C experience everyone has grown to expect in the B2B space, strengthening the supply chain ecosystem further and providing safe, contactless solutions to help essential organizations move ahead with their missions.”

About BoxLock

Launched in 2017, BoxLock is the industry leader in secure, unattended storage and delivery technology. BoxLock’s smart padlock unlocks when out-for-delivery packages are scanned with their proprietary barcode technology. The company’s inventory, access and security solutions integrate into existing systems to help businesses make their supply chain more efficient, accountable and reliable in the first and final mile. BoxLock’s solution is available to businesses on a subscription basis. BoxLock’s pioneering residential parcel solutions are protecting deliveries made by all major carriers at homes and small businesses across America. Based in Atlanta, CEO Brad Ruffkess founded BoxLock after his family had packages stolen from their front porch. Learn more about BoxLock here. or watch the explainer video here.

About SDI

SDI is a Digital Supply Chain Solutions firm with a focused practice in Indirect Materials, MRO, and Industrial/Facilities Technology. We go to market through an innovative As-a-Service offering, delivering custom solutions and results designed to improve our client’s MRO and supply chain performance.

Using a custom suite of products, services and tools, SDI’s application suite and associated services , aligns and optimizes every step of the digital supply chain. Lower costs, smarter inventories and more reliable production are all natural results from a more connected MRO supply chain. To learn more, contact us.

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