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Taking Back Control of Your MRO Data Management


Businesses run on information! The more accurate, timely and credible that information is, the easier it will be for the organization to be successful.
Information integrity is a problem that many businesses face. Information integrity issues are elevated when data is spread across many different sectors and systems - causing a major disconnect and creating unreliable information.
Without data management practices in place, many companies are faced with issues including:

Scheduled Maintenance
Duplicate, out-of-date and inaccurate data
Confusion as to which system should be the control point for which data element
Inability to reconcile information across systems

So how can companies take back control of their data management miscues? Master Data Management will help define and manage the organization’s critical data in a single “master file”. This allows for data to be easily and consistently shared between all appropriate personnel and departments. Learn more about Master Data Management and the major benefits it can yield for your company.

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SDI in Action

Common Inventory Management Errors and How to Fix Them
MRO Engineers: The Secret Weapon That Differentiates SDI
Here at SDI we have a team of skilled and experienced certified reliability engineers that truly sets us apart from other MRO service options. The team combines both  traditional MRO training and education along with real world experience to deliver clients the best possible results. Our engineers can help you increase efficiency and productivity, save you time and energy, and further reduce your total MRO spend. Read the full article for more detail on how our MRO engineers can help revamp your MRO process.
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Treat Assets as Customers
SDI Joins University of Tennessee for MRO Reliability Training
SDI employees took part in a MRO reliability training course led by Klaus Blache, director of the University of Tennessee’s Center for Reliability and Maintainability (CRM). Tennessee’s CRM explores ways technologies, workflow, and management principles can improve equipment reliability and maintainability, adding value for manufacturers and their customers. Learn more about this training course and how SDI will be able to leverage what was learned for new and existing clients.
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