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The Components That Make Up a Strategic Facilities Management Program
February 2018
For over 47 years, SDI has collaborated with clients to develop dynamic solutions for creating a competitive advantage with a focus on industry-leading indirect supply chain and facility management. To address specific needs to each unique client, it is key to distinguish the different components of strategic facility management service offering:
Complete Service Provider Management- SDI's most complete services focus on every detail of managing all at once.
Scheduling and Validation- Necessary to ensure the right resources are being managed by the right people and delivered on time.
SLAs, KPIs and much more- SLAs and KPIs help ensure the operations are effective and able to continue without interruptions. 
There are many additional components that make up a strategic facility management service cycle. SDI works diligently to provide customized solutions for a variety of industries and businesses. Learn more about our comprehensive and data-supported solutions. 
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Going For Gold - Mining Indirect Spend and Services
As we keep our eyes on the gold with the Winter Olympics, we hold persistence and excellence themes in the pursuit of procurement savings. The first step to discover targets worth pursuing in 2018, as most organizations are aware, is analyzing data from last year. Discover the key to a future of success in procurement in our most recent blog post. 
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Manufacturer Recalls Often Have Maintenance, Repair and Operations to Blame: Gaskets and Tainted Lettuce
Product recalls are becoming more and more common. Often times the cause of a recall is traced back to a seemingly insignificant part of the manufacturing or production process, such as a bolt or gasket that maintenance failed to flag as faulty. Learn more about the importance of understanding and respecting the life cycle of components in order to ensure quality and prevent recalls.
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