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3 MRO Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making

February 2016

Efficiency is key in running a business, and every stage of the supply chain process needs to be evaluated periodically to ensure time, resources, and product are not wasted. 

For many companies, the last portion of the supply chain to be evaluated and optimized is the maintenance, repair, and operations. Does your business have a strong MRO supply chain?

The three common mistakes companies make in the area of MRO are:

Blaming the Storeroom
Not Considering All Costs
Not Taking Advantage of Clean Data

These may seem like obvious areas to consider, and possibly things your company has, but with business constantly evolving, it is worth looking further into. There is always room for improvement, especially in today’s world with ever-improving technology and communication. Continue reading to learn more and evaluate your business’s MRO practices.

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