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The 3 Main Types of Maintenance  in MRO Management

August 2016

When to conduct maintenance and when to keep production running is as much an art form as it is a science. Knowing which type of maintenance to apply and when can lead to better production time and less unexpected downtime.

The three major types of maintenance to implement in your production process are:

Scheduled Maintenance
Reactive maintenance
Planned maintenance
Precision maintenance

To learn more the three types of maintenance and where each one can play a valuable part in your facility click below.

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Common Inventory Management Errors and How to Fix Them
Common Inventory Management Errors and How to Fix Them
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Treat Assets as Customers
Treat Factory Assets like Valued Customers
The way you treat and manage your customers is one of the most important components to running almost any business. Many of the same rules you apply to customer attention and satisfaction should also be applied when managing your MRO supply chain.
With both being such a vital part of company success it does not make sense to focus on one and not the other. See the impact that can be seen when assets are treated as customers and not just a necessary part of doing business.
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