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SDI’s predictive inventory solution (SDiMS) saves one global brewer $1 million while reducing their obsolete inventory. Cheers.



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Consumer Goods

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Key Delivered Benefits

Dramatic cost savings


  • More reliable evaluation process
  • Repeatable projection process
  • Cleaner inventory data

Powered by GAINS

You can rely on SDI because we rely on the General Adaptive INventory Solution (GAINS) to custom-manage the complexity of millions of SKU decisions.

Client Issue

Right-sizing inventory is a moving target. Having more of a defined process in place would have been helpful for this globally-distributed maker of fine beers.

SDI Solution

SDiMS is SDI’s Inventory Management System that collects, cleans and analyzes inventory data to allow for more predictive inventory. We received the data from this well-established manufacturer and immediately went to work creating a data template. SDI was then able to format it, load it into Gains, extract using algorithms to calculate suggested min/max levels, export into a spreadsheet for 2-year overall inventory projection, and then detail levels for each item.

Forecasting was key

We showed this client a 12-month projection and provided a sample of 10 items in forecasting, allowing them to better understand how the system worked. With proper projections, it was easy to see the potential for serious inventory reduction.

Client Results

Cleaner data, a more streamlined evaluation and projection process, plus dramatically reduced inventory add up to significant savings for this manufacturer – to the tune of $1 million.

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