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Driving Compliance: Addressing Rogue Spending Directly.

SDI’s centralized structure and compliance model ensures the strategy set up by sourcing is the one implemented throughout the source-to-pay process. We start by ensuring that you’re buying the right part from the right supplier. Then, using our proprietary technology, we factor in spending procedures, budget controls, dollar limits and approval processes that enforce those processes, leaving you in complete control – no surprises.

Driven by the latest industry technology.

SDI’s model saves time and money by working via ZEUS – the single platform that provides visibility across your entire enterprise. ZEUS works seamlessly with your current system for an easy way to request material and perform other supply transactions.

Engineered for complete satisfaction.

Ours is one of the largest teams in the industry of reliability engineers, spread out all over North America, focused solely on MRO. They conduct data analytics, review process efficiencies, and interact with your people to pinpoint issues that may affect supply chain productivity.

Savings is the goal—and the result.

With an SDI compliance plan in place, expect measurable, documented transaction savings with significant cost reduction you’ll notice throughout your organization. By strategically managing your tail spend through a more connected MRO process, clients can realize savings of anywhere from 10 to 20 percent from spot buying and rogue spending. In fact, one custom program designed for a food & beverage client achieved nearly 100% compliance.

The Details

Strategizing on tail spend.

One of the nation’s largest cereal and breakfast foods manufacturers, with over $150 million in MRO spend, wanted to reduce rogue spending that occured through p-cards and ad-hoc spot buying.

Continually improving.

SDI worked with the client to build compliance targets in addition to targets for key performance indicators, driving continuous improvements as well as compliance with contracted suppliers and prices.

Doubling compliance.

SDI managed the client’s vendors as part of a full MRO solution, nearly doubling compliance and saving 12% off their MRO spend.

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