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Core 5

Speed to Execution: Act with a sense of urgency without sacrificing quality

Our goal is to help the client realize the benefits of our services as soon as possible. The sooner we implement great ideas, the sooner we realize the positive impact on our business.

What's in our DNA:

  • We hold ourselves and others accountable to clear standards of service excellence in an increasingly dynamic environment. When necessary, effectively and appropriately confront performance issues, resource constraints and other obstacles to meet objectives.
  • We set clear and consistent goals and expectations.
  • We ensure seamless implementations with limited disruption to the client’s operations.
  • We develop courses of action that will ensure that our clients’ needs are met with a high standard of excellence, urgency and predictability.

Agility: Continually learn and be willing to pivot

We provide agile, business-outcome-focused solutions. To be agile, we need flexibility, a near-obsessive ability and willingness to scale up and down. 

What's in our DNA:

  • We challenge the status quo to unlock full potential.
  • We are open to new perspectives, new ideas, and new ways of doing things.
  • We demonstrate service by going beyond what is expected.
  • We focus on creating the right solutions to address specific needs.
  • We anticipate the unexpressed or future needs of current and potential customers.
  • We value diversity of our workforce and diversity of thought and perspective.
  • We continually seek to improve performance.

​One SDI: Work together as one team

We’re all in this together. We’re all a part of this supply chain ecosystem that we’ve created. It includes our technology, our suppliers and strategic partners, our processes and our people. All of our people. And it works best when we all work together.

What's in our DNA:

  • We partner across departmental lines and work cooperatively within and outside our own team in order to best serve client needs and exceed client expectations; breaking down silos.
  • We actively support key decisions while promoting a spirit of teamwork to demonstrate the commitment of one firm, SDI
  • We promote a climate of respect, cooperation, collaboration, and open communication.
  • We actively support an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive.

Operational Excellence: Lead the industry

We will continue to offer the level of expertise and service that our customers have come to expect, and that is unparalleled in the industry.

What's in our DNA:

  • We pursue results and solutions with energy, drive and a need to finish.
  • We seek to enhance the business for our customers and ourselves.
  • We persist in the face of resistance, roadblocks, and setbacks.
  • We hold ourselves and others accountable for achieving challenging goals.
  • We recognize that simple is often better; we seek to make things easier for our customers and employees.
  • We identify issues before they become problems and offer solutions.
  • We rely on our experience and expertise to effectively solve problems and engineer solutions, but we don’t limit ourselves to the way we’ve done it in the past.

Courage: Innovate and Make Misstakes

SDI has entrepreneurial roots. Let’s take advantage of that and embrace innovation! We need to think differently, be curious, fail fast, and have the courage to challenge the status quo if we’re going to succeed. Let's listen to everyone’s ideas and be more open to trying new things, even if they don’t work out in the end. Nobody likes failure – but we must accept it, because it’s part of the learning process. We’ll make mistakes. That’s okay. We’ll learn from our mistakes together, and we’ll grow.

What's in our DNA:

  • We look for the answer, not the blame.
  • We don’t think failure isn’t an end game; it’s the way we learn, adapt and keep working towards our goals.
  • We possess the courage to adapt and try something new.
  • We are willing to defy current state and challenge assumptions and introduce something new or different without fear of failure.
  • We encourage new ideas, candid feedback and conflicting opinions.
  • We act with integrity and own up to our mistakes.
  • We welcome a customer problem we’ve never solved; it presents an exciting opportunity to go the extra mile to delight them and learn something new.

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Success Story

It is important for my MRO supply chain provider to have a general understanding of my business--SDI knows my business from end to end.

SDI at Work

Data standardization is part of Google’s new initiative to help people find relevant datasets.  With a recent study from Data Science Central, it’s estimated that data scientists spend 60% of their time preparing data for analysis, rather than performing the analysis itself.  Therefore, the goal of this schema is to drive standardization so that more time can be spent analyzing it.  

Employee Spotlight

One of SDI’s Operations Analysts, Aisha has over 10 years of history working in the logistics and supply chain industry.