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For Finance

Cost savings claims vs. proof.

Everybody claims to save your organization money – claiming is easy, proving is not. Again, that’s where SDI stands apart. Skeptics of “MRO savings” adore us because we let our proven successes do the talking. We don’t make up numbers, we document real-world results in the area of Finance.

Inventory nightmares? We’ve been there.

Efficient inventory management can make or break supply chain profitability. Using historical data on daily usage and transactions, we develop a replenishment forecast that identifies what items and quantities to order that will reduce total inventory, increase service levels, and lower transportation and receiving costs. Using SDiMS, our clients have reduced inventories by 20-40% while increasing service levels to 98% or above.

Sustainability is what really matters.

How do you know if SDI can deliver measurable cost savings year over year? Check our track record – the stronger the SDI/client relationship, the stronger the MRO savings. Read how we helped one client achieve a decade’s worth of consistent savings.

40+ years of delighting Finance departments.

The true test of a solid MRO partnership is serving customers who become repeat customers. Once clients see how effectively SDI can cut costs and streamline their operations, they come back. One international client consolidated all aspects of their outsourced MRO to SDI after just one successful experience.

The cost of NOT using SDI.

Year-over-year savings always grab the spotlight – but the more impressive numbers concern TCO. SDI typically delivers up to 350% ROI to our clients over the life of our agreement. One good example shows how the SDI model delivers predictable savings performance over the life of the contract.

Five different plants. Five different managers. Now what?

With SDI’s holistic, coordinated, more connected approach to MRO, the results are both predictable and remarkable. Visibility, accountability, productivity and cost savings are all increased throughout the entire enterprise – no matter how many plants, how many managers, or how much equipment is in place. Read about one global food brand that continues to reap the benefits of a connected, enterprise-wide MRO model.

Your mission is our mission.

We don’t work in a vacuum. We work closely with you to advance your specified mission and focus on outcomes – whether it’s to improve production uptime, boost productivity, slash costs or improve equipment efficiency.

Success Story

It takes a progressive manager to push the organization to look at indirect spend and managing it in a different way - but once you see it, then you realize the opportunity.

SDI at Work

Today's pace of change does not conform to yesterday's methods or business cultures. In this blog post, SDI explores the dynamics of internal colleagues as well as rapid changes in terms of market disruptions and technology advances. 

The project team has worked its way through Define, Measure, Analyze, and Improve. It’s time to begin the Control phase. The key stakeholders gather to evaluate the solution as implemented and create a plan to sustain the improvements. The goal is to standardize the improved processes, establish an audit schedule and schedule periodic follow-up to identify additional opportunities for improvement.

Employee Spotlight

Michael is a Warehouse Lead who has worked at the SDI Brooklyn Warehouse since 2007.