The Digital Supply Chain Company

John Delligatti

Director, Digital Supply Chain Transformation
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As the Director of Digital Supply Chain Transformation at SDI, a pioneer in MRO and facilities maintenance solutions, John Delligatti stands at the forefront of driving digital innovation in supply chain management. With over a decade of industry experience, John’s expertise is underscored by his dedication to reshaping how organizations perceive and manage their operations.

Recognized for his transformative leadership, John boasts accolades like the three-time Qlik Luminary (2021, 2022 & 2023), UiPath MVP 2022, and the MDM Future Leaders Award in 2021. These honors reflect his significant achievements and his forward-thinking approach in steering digital transformation initiatives.

In addition to his leadership at SDI, John is an esteemed member of the ConnexFM Technology Council, further testifying to his influence and commitment to driving technological advancements in facility management and beyond.

Guiding data strategy at SDI, John ensures that data and resources are meticulously harnessed to facilitate intelligent decision-making. His efforts focus on aligning processes with client and corporate objectives, resulting in unparalleled value and efficiency for stakeholders. As the leader of SDI’s Citizen Developer program, John empowers team members to harness robotic process automation (RPA). His unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of data literacy and championing RPA adoption is evident throughout his endeavors.

Outside of his professional realm, John’s innovative spirit finds another avenue in the Draft God Fantasy Football ZEUS App, a testament to his blend of analytical prowess and passion.

John Delligatti’s unique combination of innovation, dedication, and expertise makes him an invaluable asset to SDI and a trailblazer in the world of digital supply chain transformation.