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MRO Connections

Chris Moore

The partnership between SDI and Unilog has been a major sucess for both parties since joining forces less than a year ago. Learn about the expertise Unlilog offers from the latest partner perspective held with Unilog CEO, Suchit Bachalli.

SDI is proud to be a corporate sponsor of Penn State’s Center for Supply Chain Research. From being involved in their Entrepreneurial Pitch Contest to acting as Program Director for their Supply Chain Leaders’ Forum, there is so much opportunity to learn and grow together.

CEO of SDI, Christopher Moore, commits to learning the countless connections to the MRO supply chain ecosystem from all different perspectives. Explore this new series, Partner Perspective, in which he interviews a multitude of industry experts and gains valuable insights.

The last installment in this series by Spend Matters, talks about how the next generation of supply chains will be MRO-powered.

In the third post in this series on MRO As-a-Service by Spend Matters, Pierre Mitchell and Michael Lamoureux talk about how managing MRO as a process delivers benefits from efficiency to effectiveness and beyond to an evolutionary phase. The next generation of value, MRO-as-a-Service, helps organizations build intelligent, agile, scalable and integrated supply chains (direct and indirect).

In the second installment in this series by Spend Matters, Pierre Mitchell and Michael Lamoureux dive into some details about the potential value of the MRO As-a-Service model.

Spend Matters recently wrote about why procurement organizations should take a fresh look at their MRO and be more strategic, rather than just reducing supply chains down to a reductionist spend taxonomy.