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SDI’s Kurt Meiers talks about the added value in a centralized procurement model at this year’s ISM-CV Annual Conference and Expo.

Patrick Wallace and Kurt Meiers

Last month, SDI participated in the Institute for Supply Management Carolinas-Virginia (ISM-CV) Summer Conference and Expo at Sea Trails Plantation in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, June 25-26, 2015. ISM-CV is the largest affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management, with members in over 300 organizations across the tri-state region.
The overall theme of the conference was Procurement Evolution, with speakers from IBM talking about developing world-class procurement talent, Beroe talking about the evolution of information in Procurement, and Rutgers Business School talking about Supply Chain Management among others.
SDI’s Director of Strategic Sourcing, Kurt Meiers, spoke on how centralized procurement for MRO can balance the scales in an industry where less than 10% of spend is MRO, but makes up more than 80% of the transactions.
By refining policy, optimizing the P2P structure and reporting lines, building advanced category strategies and adjusting the org structure in response to corporate priorities, we’re moving towards a more CENTRALIZED PROCUREMENT MODEL that isn’t just reactive, but drives continuous improvement with the supply base, deploys automated scorecards, and is able to really achieve MATURE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT to pursue advance projects across different categories and stakeholders. Meiers spoke about how centralization enables mature portfolio management and how there remains a significant opportunity for procurement to stretch beyond cost savings to deliver more strategic value to the organization.
SDI will be at the SMRP Houston Chapter’s Annual Maintenance and Reliability Symposium next month from August 13th-14th in Galveston Texas. Be sure to stop by and say hello. 

View SDI’s presentation from ISM-CV here:


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