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Chuck Wallace Joined SDI as VP of Engineering Services


Bristol, PA — SDI, the leading provider of MRO integrated supply chain management services in North America, recently announced Chuck Wallace has joined the organization as Vice President of Engineering Services.

Chuck’s expertise includes more than 30 years of experience delivering exceptional engineering value in industrial plant environments from roles that vary from process, maintenance, reliability and project management to his most recent role where he developed software to drive increased equipment reliability in petro-chemical processing facilities.

“We are very excited to have Chuck join our team because of his unique experience in the maintenance reliability arena that includes a focus around MRO spares and their effect on equipment reliability,” said Chris Moore, Executive Vice President of Operations at SDI. “His experience and proven track record of delivering lasting results and improved equipment reliability fits well with our strategic initiatives around engineering services to deliver lasting value and year-over-year results to our clients.”

“I’m excited to head up the Engineering Services for such a progressive innovator,” said Mr. Wallace. “SDI’s approach to connecting the indirect supply chain to their clients’ overall enterprise is a clear example of holistic leadership. I truly believe that a better understanding of the synergistic integration of system dynamics, reliability science, organizational dynamics and complexity sciences will provide tremendous value to their clients.”

In addition to over 30 years of experience in the reliability, continuous improvement and maintainability, Chuck holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware. Mr. Wallace’s appointment supports SDI’s commitment to delivering continual value to their clients and setting a standard of excellence for the industry.

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