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SDI’s Lean Six Sigma Principals Boosts Productivity
June 2017
Using Lean Six Sigma techniques, SDI can help transform your MRO supply chain into an efficient, value-adding operation. Using our products, services, and expertise, we can develop solutions to common indirect supply chain problems:

Procurement Mistakes
Wasted Time, Money, and Effort
Slow Order Processing
Inflexibility and Unresponsiveness
The SDI advantage starts by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s motivation, desired outcomes, and difficulties. We then assemble a motivated team of internal stakeholders and SDI experts to map and execute a customized solution that eliminates errors and brings consistent execution to the procedures that govern your indirect supply chain.
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SDI in Action
Game Changing Integration Shortens the Distance between Promise & Performance
The procurement and maintenance industry has faced an image problem in that MRO isn’t viewed as important when compared to direct spend. Due to limited resources, many companies redirect their IT resources to "higher value" business initiatives. SDI is committed to eliminating the mistaken perception that the MRO process is slow, difficult, and expensive. In this first part of a three-part series, we set the stage on how SDI's technology platform helps overcome this obstacle.
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Gain Insider Perspective from Industry Leaders
CEO of SDI, Christopher Moore, commits to learning the countless connections to the MRO supply chain ecosystem from all different perspectives. In his new series, Partner Perspective, Chris interviews a multitude of industry experts and gains valuable insights. This month, we're highlighting his interview with Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer at Azul Partners and Spend Matters. With over 25 year in the supply chain business, Pierre shares his extensive knowledge and experiences.
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