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MRO Services

Maintenance, Repair & Operation services to streamline supply chains of any length and complexity.

SDI’s unique model of centralized resources allows us to leverage our entire portfolio to deliver more streamlined, efficient and scalable MRO optimization. Our MRO services are varied because your needs are varied – we’re fully prepared to implement an enterprise MRO program as your needs require, including on-site resources for operational support and effectiveness.

The professionals behind our MRO services.

As one of the most trusted MRO services providers in the industry, we are proud to offer: 

  • An expansive network of Six Sigma certified and licensed Reliability Engineers.
  • A Global Strategic Sourcing team staffed with certified professionals in supply chain management.
  • Several Implementation Teams staffed with certified project management professionals.
  • Six Sigma certified and trained staff – real people constantly finding new ways to innovate and create improvements throughout your organization.
  • 40+ years of experience in every facet of the essential processes and procedures needed for a smooth transition and implementation – all driven by documented Standard Operating Procedures, which include over 200 specific tasks, including data collection and cataloging, sourcing, staffing, storeroom organization and systems requirements.

MRO services that drive a more connected MRO process:

Data Management
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Indirect Procurement
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Storeroom Operations
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MRO Technical Services
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Services Supply Chain Solutions
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Learn about our eProcurement tool, eMarket
Learn about our Innovative MRO Technology
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Success Story

It takes a progressive manager to push the organization to look at indirect spend and managing it in a different way - but once you see it, then you realize the opportunity.

SDI at Work

Data standardization is part of Google’s new initiative to help people find relevant datasets.  With a recent study from Data Science Central, it’s estimated that data scientists spend 60% of their time preparing data for analysis, rather than performing the analysis itself.  Therefore, the goal of this schema is to drive standardization so that more time can be spent analyzing it.