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A strong resource in conserving resources.

MRO Software and Sustainability | SDI
At SDI, sustainability is an important part of our culture, our business and our customer services.

We’ve been a recognized trailblazer of on-site supply chain services for MRO since 1971 and the solutions we create and implement help our partners conserve resources. Our services touch every facet of your organization - from human resources and engineering to finance and information technology. We are experts in assimilating to your business culture so we can dive deep into your organization’s safety, quality, auditing and sustainability initiatives.

Based on your unique goals, targets and vision, we work with you to develop a customized plan to ensure our MRO supply chain initiatives promote existing and planned efforts. 
The result is total cost savings for your business, through process improvements, reduced product usage and price reductions.  In short, we help you conserve resources. Or, as the Brundtland Report Commission of the United Nations puts it, we support “…development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
Our Vision for Sustainability:
SDI integrates sustainability into both our culture and our business through best practices and responsible sourcing that reduce the impact of operations on the environment. As a partner dedicated to providing sustained value for our customers; we see it as our responsibility to integrate sustainability into our client solutions.  
Here are some of the ways we achieve this goal:
  • We use technology to streamline processes, eliminate waste and increase productivity 
  • We practice ‘responsible sourcing’ when selecting supplier partners and products 
  • We encourage conservation in the workplace, through our “reduce, reuse and recycle”  philosophy
  • We encourage creative thinking that provides sustainable results