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Reduce Inventory Costs | SDI
Inventory management has significant financial and operational implications for your business. Forecasting for MRO requires solutions more innovative than min/max ordering methods to account for the dynamic nature of your business. No one understands that better than SDI.

Through decades of experience, we’ve developed a proprietary Inventory Management System that provides you with the lowest cost of ownership for MRO. 

The most progressive inventory management system: SDiMS
The SDI Inventory Management System, SDiMS, is a professional service developed specifically for MRO that combines technology, intellectual capital and management expertise to achieve optimum customer inventory levels while minimizing, obsolete inventories. Using historical data on daily usage and transactions, we develop a replenishment plan that identifies what items to order, and in what quantity, to reduce total inventory, increase service levels, and lower transportation and receiving costs. Our stochastic modeling system draws from 32 different algorithms to apply the best model (i.e. moving average, seasonal trend, low volume) to predict demand.
Why does SDiMS matter?
SDiMS lets you drive inventories to an optimal level without affecting service levels. Using SDiMS, our clients have reduced inventories by 20-40% while increasing service levels to 98% or above. Lower, more efficient inventories can result in savings through reduced administration and carrying costs as well as lower taxes while increased service levels means improved productivity. 
And the advantages don’t stop there. In addition to lowering active inventory levels, SDI can reduce future build-ups. Our inventory management system even alerts inventory managers about opportunities for reducing excess build-up by quickly identifying parts that have significantly reduced usage eliminating the growth of obsolete inventory. On the flip side, over utilized parts are also identified to enable a root cause analysis that will determine if a machine needs maintenance or an employee needs training to relieve the consumption. Learn more about all of the advantages of SDI inventory management solutions.