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The engineering services experts at SDI understand the challenges inherent in storeroom management, maintenance operations and production floor processes.

We identify the hidden opportunities that can often go unnoticed when you’re too close to your own operation or unrealized when you don’t have the resources to apply to the initiatives.


It’s one reason, among many, why SDI has so many successful partnerships with globally recognized companies. They understand that continuous improvement in MRO integrated supply is critically important, because it delivers sustained value across their whole business – beyond the piece price reductions offered by distributors. 

SDI consults with your planners, engineers and production and maintenance personnel to uncover opportunities for savings. We track every MRO savings opportunity – from testing and approval through implementation – then drive the process to deliver significant savings of 7% to 10%, year after year.

What do we mean by Engineering Services?  Examples of engineering services initiatives that we employ with almost every client include Cost Improvement, Reliability Information Management, MRO Project Management, Warranty Tracking, OEM commercialization and Product Standardization.

Cost Improvement: SDI’s team of experts will identify the specific pain points in your maintenance and repair history, and put systems in place to remove unplanned failures, minimize expensive repairs, and design a “just in time” job kit that ensures the correct parts are where your people need them, when they need them. 

Reliability Information Management: Beyond simple cost improvement, our reliability engineers pinpoint opportunities associated with issues like chronic equipment failure, emergency work and facility management and provide tailored solutions to increase productivity and provide annualized savings. 

MRO Project Management: Our industry-specific engineers will evaluate your current inventory versus your day-to-day needs, research the market and make informed recommendations for parts and products that will reduce inventory excess and provide value-added benefits. 

Warranty Tracking: Our ‘cradle to grave’ information tracking system locks down the paperwork and eliminates spending on parts that have failed during the warranty period.

OEM Commercialization: Resourcing or ‘right sourcing’ standard MRO products identified by manufacturers as OEM parts provides savings of 25% - 50%.  This savings doesn’t include the on- hand inventory reduction that is a by-product when parts are ‘commercialized’ to readily available sources.  

Product Standardization: Beginning with a data cleanse, we standardize parts by identifying product duplication by manufacturer and part number. This process indentifies duplication within a facility as well as among an enterprise resulting in reduced inventories and increased leverage with which prices can be negotiated. 

We go well beyond traditional technical support, to provide you with innovative sharp solutions that will increase efficiency and productivity, save you time and energy, and reduce total spend. Most importantly, we don’t answer to anyone but you.